Lovely evening ride to Hazewinkel rowing course

Hazewinkel Rowing CourseMost of the time I start a ride from home, certainly on a week day. Its not always easy to find inspiration for a nice track which is also different enough from the previous ones. RouteYou, Fietsnet are certainly good sources; and sometimes recuperating a ride of a few months or years ago also helps, in this case a ride from August 2014: list of all my (Strava) rides via Veloviewer & download the GPX file from Strava.

Very nice ride after some days of rain and thunderstorms!

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Antwerp and its harbour: one of my favourites

DCIM101GOPROI like cycling on small roads in green areas, but certainly also in industrial areas, especially the harbour of Antwerp. Having to wait before a bridge – as was the matter today – for 10 minutes because some river traffic had to pass, is not really a punishment.

The route via the “Noorderlaan” to Stabroek and Ekeren is the “short version”, about 55 kilometers. Weather was better than the previous days: luckily no rain or only small drizzle, but still cold and cloudy.

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Cold ride Nete & Fietsostrade GoPro on Helmet

DCIM101GOPROThe days are getting longer. The goal during this and next months is to perform one or two weekday ride per week. Today only time for a ride of about two hours. Luckily only about 2 hours, because I underestimated the cold Northern wind a bit: cold legs, cold ears 😉

The route went via small roads South of Antwerp and via the banks of the small river Nete. Ideal also to do some more GoPro tests (see also previous posts). I installed the GoPro with a helmet strap; installation was very easy and the camera was stable attached to the helmet.

I used the camera in two ways: video and time burst (1 photo per second).

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Antwerp ride with Gopro city marketing photos

Antwerp ride with Gopro city marketing photos

Parkje TentoonstellingswijkOther urgent activities this Saturday (one of them: visiting a BMW car dealer ;-)) and very bad weather on Sunday, make that only a little ride around Antwerp was possible this weekend. A little tour around Antwerp: ideal also to shoot some GoPro “city marketing” pictures of Antwerp and surroundings.

On the menu: A bit river (Schelde) side, a bit harbor and via the North of Antwerpen (Ekeren) back home; part of the route via parks and cyclist only roads (i.e. the “Ringfietspad”).

My new GoPro stayed in the same position (see previous ride). And instead of using the timelapse mode, I took individual photos.

Some first conclusions/drawbacks:

  • having the GoPro installed on the handlebar of course makes that only pictures right ahead can be made
  • the two default settings of the GoPro Session are: Video & Timelapse; switching to Photo mode is fairly simple, but has to be done every time the camera shuts down to save battery.
  • images are taken in “super wide” mode; ideal for landscapes, less when taking pictures with objects close to the lens (and large deformations).

The best images can be found below: 12 images of about 50 were retained and edited with Google Photo (crop and/or “auto” image amelioration). Challenge for the reader: Find the one image taken with my smartphone.

A next time I’ll try the following : GoPro strapped on the helmet, wide instead of super wide and make small timelapse image sets (e.g. with a 1 second interval) instead of using the single photo mode.

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Back in Belgium & GoPro Session 1st try

Back in Belgium & GoPro Session 1st try

Gopro Hero 4 SessionI almost succeeded in buying a GoPro the day before the London Revolution event. But I failed due to the unavailability of the handlebar mount in the local Argos.

But the market research had been done and the decision fell on the GoPro Hero 4 Session. Smaller than the normal GoPro and less advanced and thus also less expensive (half the price; 220 EUR); bought it on Tuesday at Coolblue and got it delivered yesterday; and ready for a test on my evening ride today.

I used the timelapse mode with a 10 seconds interval; for a ride of 2 hours 15 minutes this resulted in 812 photos. A small selection (unedited photos) can be found in the slideshow below. All in all nice results 🙂

Creating the timelapse playback (with GoPro Studio) I choose to reduce it to 25% of the normal speed.

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